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Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Goals: Progress

I've moved 7 boxes of sewing related items (mostly fabric) up into the loft area.

I've also constructed an Ikea hanging rail in the loft, and moved my summer clothing up there to hang from the rail. The garments are grouped together and each group covered with a clear plastic bag to act as a dust cover. These are hanging items such as jackets, blouses and skirts. My tee shirts, sandals, and casual summer items were already up there in storage bags.
When I get to April and the weather warms up I'll bring the items down, try everything on, decide what I will keep for the coming season and donate the rest.
Hopefully it will also highlight the new items I need for summer. However for now it has removed the noise and should make the all season/winter wardrobe sort out easier to do.

I also have a new donation box on the go and have already added a few items into it.

I need to have a marathon ironing session now, so I can get all my nice shirts back into circulation.
I have ordered some non iron work shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt in the sale which replace a silk blouse which ripped on the sleeve seam and a striped cotton shirt which shrank slightly and had always been a pain to iron.
These are semi-fitted shirts, so have a little shaping without being extreme, so I hope will work well for me. If they do I shall keep an eye out for other suitable non iron shirts from CT in future.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, already started on the goals. I am very impressed.
Have a great 2015!