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Sunday, 4 January 2015

House progress

Ordered new king size bed for the main bedroom yesterday, so decided it should also get new carpet which is being fitted on Friday. The local roll end shop had a light neutral wool berber carpet at a really good price which I was happy about, since the current carpet is quite tired.

I got on and moved the existing double bed through to the Study/Guest room where it does fit, though not with loads of excess space.

The new bed will take about 4-5 weeks to come, but the carpet fitter was keen to come sooner rather than later, so looks like I'll be sleeping in the back room for quite a few weeks. I don't see the point in moving the old bed back after the carpet is fitted.

I have it made up with clean bedding, plus my alarm clock and a bedside light ready for bed time tonight.
At least if I sleep in there for a month I can be sure it will really work for guests.
I'm going to get my grandmother's teasmade out and try letting it make my morning cuppa, then straight into the shower, rather than going downstairs to make tea first thing as I'm hoping it might speed up my mornings a bit. We shall see.

The guest room decor is evolving based on what stuff I have that fits. Lots of white/cream/silver/light wood, a touch of dark brown and some gold in the curtains. I have a three part canvas of autumn leaves that will work over the bed plus various items in black frames I want to arrange artistically on the opposite wall. The current office chair is a clashing bright green and a bit big, so am looking for something smaller - the Ikea JULES swivel chair looks quite appropriate.
I can always wheel it out of the room if its a bit cramped for guests.
updated to add I found a single white folding chair in the conservatory thats works fine in there, so will use that instead and save my money.

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Anonymous said...

It is always good to test out guest rooms - sometimes there's something obvious you have missed or can do to make it feel special. Yours sounds as though it will be lovely!