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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

No sewing at all, but some other stuff and some planning

Today I didn't manage any sewing, though I did set up my new digital recorder for the TV without any assistance which gave me a few 'girl power' happy moments.
I also moved some more things out of the main bedroom so there will be space for the new carpet to go down on Friday.

Sewing wise I could really do with a list of things I wish I had in my wardrobe and then actually sew them.
A few have occured to me so I will start a document on my computer as I'm less likely to write a shopping list on the back of that!

List is started, but I'm keeping it to myself for now. It includes nightwear, altering a lot of curtains and a few knit tops, one jacket and one pair of trousers so far. Anyway let's see how it goes.

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Jenni said...

had to smile at the shopping list comment. My list obsession has got silly with a notebook in every room but new resolution is to put everything in one diary to keep it all together.