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Friday, 16 January 2015

Choose what to keep, not what to get rid of


Choose what to keep, not what to get rid of

I liked that thought

Merging that with the principal about keeping the best/most used where there are duplicates from Bridgette Raes

These were my options when I wanted brown footwear to wear with an outfit. I decided to keep the items on the left and donate the ones on the right.
The boots at top left have a shorter and wider ankle area so are easier to get on and more comfortable to wear, they also don't have the distressed look of the right hand ones so are smarter for work.
The shoes at the bottom left are sleeker and can be worn with a skirt or with trousers. The ones on the right due to the straps look a bit frumpy on me especially with skirts and have very thin soles which means walking across a gravelled parking area is uncomfortable.
I applied the same sort of approach to my black shoes. Definite progress!

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Beth in CT said...

Hmm, brilliant. Need to do a clothing purge, this will help to get me moving.