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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Black Wardrobe with Accessories

Over on The Vivienne Files Janice is taking a plain black wardrobe and accessorising for different imagined women. Its a fascinating process and I wondered what it would look like if I tried several sets of accessories.

Now I must admit I do not usually wear all black since there are lots of other things in the world you can wear instead, but I do have several black dresses I have sewn myself, so I decided I would accessorise this one from Vogue 2989.
I've picked 6 choices, and would probably also wear low heel black leather knee high boots, custom made to my calf width than the shoes pictured.
First up with my favourite pashmina style scarf, I've shown it with some red/black earrings but actually would probably pick up the rich amber or pink tones instead. I love this scarf so much and often wear it with my various winter coats which are black, dark brown, navy and dark purple to give a lift of colour near my face.
My second choice is oversized pearls. I often wear pearls because their soft off white lustre is very flattering. However I find it works best for me if everything is a little oversized. The biggest beads in this necklace are really quite large and the brooch is several inches across. Somehow the size makes it deliberate rather than twee.
The third option is this wonderful 'old-gold' coloured bag, necklace, bracelet and simple stud earrings. This is an absolutely fabulous metallic for me as this bronzy colour is not too shiny, but still has plenty of richness and warmth. In fact I need to find some summer sandals in this colour as they would be so great with lots of my wardrobe.
The fourth option is a more classic gold tone and uses my favourite motif, leaves. I doodle leaves in margins and buy things with them on. I particuarly wear this set with dark brown. The necklace and earrings are inexpensive high street buys but the brooch was inherited from my late grandmother and is very precious to me.
This 5th option is mother of pearl. The earrings purchased with silver frames, but the necklace I made myself stringing a pot of tiny pearl beads with the beads from a much shorter broken necklace. This is a great set to just drape round the neck at go, and works especially well with turtlenecks.
This final set is various items from Fluke Jewellery in Orkney. These are exceedingly special pieces which were all gifts and I love the way the whale fluke necklace, starfish earrings and eagle ray brooch can all be worn together or separately. The ray can also be worn as a necklace.

Anyway I hoped you enjoyed my take on what I would wear with an all black outfit. Maybe my Vogue 2989 dress will get out a bit more now.

Thanks Ruthie


Jenni said...

fabulous accessory ideas for a very smart outfit. All great ideas but I particularly like the bronze and the oversized brooch sets.... these make the black outfit seem more Ruth whilst still being uber smart.

Ann said...

Isn't it cool how different accessories make a black outfit look casual, high end, romantic, etc. I am thinking on this idea.

Anonymous said...

I love the Orkney jewellery, and the dress is a great fit. I like it with the shoes. I dislike too much black on me, but you wear it well. Maybe coloured tights? Or a brighter cardigan would work too?

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