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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wearing skirts and dresses

I have a number of skirts and dresses in the wardrobe and have to encourage myself to take the slight effort of choosing to wear them.

I am a chunky pear shape with sturdy legs. I have a few tips which might help other reluctant skirt wearers of a similar shape.

This means in the winter it is sensible for me to buy tights in size XL in the suitable dark colours I will wear - black, dark brown, dark grey, navy. It is also useful to have tall leather boots which fit my calves. I find I wear the ones with a low heel the most, and some benefit from a cushion innersole. The best skirts and dresses for winter hit just below the knee and a either straight or flared.

In summer I prefer a longer length skirt which hits at the bottom of my full calf, comfortable but slightly dressy sandals and a culotte under skirt for comfort. When shorts would be appropriate it is more flattering for me to wear a travel skirt with a silk culotte slip and walking sandals, though these days I do also wear long bermuda shorts despite having rather lumpy knees.


Juliet said...

Do look out for 300 denier thermal tights (I've found them in dark brown, charcoal and black). TK Max sell them at £5 but Boyes usually have them for £4. They wash really well too.
On a day like today with the wind howling and squally showers they are wonderful. I might even get brave sometime this winter and wear a short skirt with these.

SewRuthie said...

Great thanks. we have a Boyes and a TKMax