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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bedding sort out

I pulled the excess bedding from the loft and the storage table/blanket box next to the sofa bed in the living room. There were also some spare curtains and cushion covers
I chose to keep
-   2 x kingsize bedding sets in neutrals for the double bed in the guest room.
-   2 x double bedding sets in neutrals for the sofa bed
-   1 x custom sheet and single bedding set for the small folding bed

I put all the rest for donation (3 medium sized bags). I found the more neutral bedding works better in this house/ with my current style and most of the strongly coloured or patterned bedding, curtains and cushion covers are going off to the charity shop. Hopefully they will be just the fun accent pieces someone else was looking for and will find new homes.

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