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Friday, 2 January 2015

Ideas for using Fabric Scraps?

I am looking for ways to use up various fabric scraps in items I can sell at charity craft events locally or give as small gifts. I want to avoid buying anything extra if at all possible, so I am not out of pocket when I give all the proceeds to the charity.

My recent makes as gifts or for the charity craft fairs have been
- cushions
- aprons (full)
- scarves (loop style)
- shopping bags
- stitched Christmas cards

I am thinking of doing
- plastic bag holder
- gift wrap holder
- half aprons
- minature owls
- minature bears
- stuffed hearts
- bunting
- draught excluders
- shoe bags
- laundry bags
- boiled wool slippers
- fleece scarves
- Christmas stockings

Are there any other ideas out there? Links to tutorials would be particularly appreciated.


Linda T said...

If you have fleece, check out Rhonda's blog and the slippers she made. I did some for gifts. You will find the link at my blog on that post. Its a December of 2014 post at my blog.

Dixie said...

Sorry I don't have any ideas to contribute, but I want to say good on you for doing this charity sewing. Your list of possible additions is quite extensive, so I know you won't run out of items to make. Happy sewing!

Lyndle said...

Car pillows? They're basically cushions with a flat, unstuffed bit down the middle that can fit behind a seatbelt. There are tutorials, I'll find one for you. I made my niece one for Christmas with a removable cover and one fluffy side. Baby bibs backed with fleece or an old towel are also good Good luck!

Lyndle said...

Here's the tutorial I used, http://pinlog.net/2013/06/seat-belt-travel-pillow-tutorial/ though I interfaced the part that went behind the seatbelt, and made a removeable cover. For stuffing I found a local store selling two bed pillows for ten dollars, so the stuffing for one car pillow cost me less than 2.50.
Wheatbags are also quite good sellers. If you have the patience, mini purses for tampons or earrings might sell well too, especially with teenagers.

Alison said...

I applaud your efforts! One thing that I am going to be making with my fabric scraps for gifts is this bag, which looks both tidy and well made. Now mind, I've not actually tried out the tutorial yet...