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Friday, 23 January 2009

Lining and collar

This evening I turned the collar as per the method in David Page Coffin's Shirtmaking book, attached it to the jacket, put the sleeves into the lining, inserted the lining and layered the seam.
I've turned the lining through now (via side seam) but not pressed, sewn the sleeve hems or inserted the shoulder pads.
One reason is because its gone 10pm now and I am pretty tired, and the other is that I can't seem to find the shoulder pads. The jacket isn't bad without them (I tried it on) it just doesn't hang the same way from the shoulders, so I am going to pause there for tonight and have another sewing session on it tomorrow.
After that I might try it on with the matching trousers and one of the tops and take a photo to post here.

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Rhoto said...

"...and take a photo to post here."
'Looking forward!!
Soft hug,