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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sewing With A Plan - in practice

I was musing to myself about the whole idea of Sewing With A Plan, as I know I sometime feel guilty when I have to (or want to) deviate from 'THE PLAN'.
But it seems to me like this I am sewing with a plan in mind rather than whatever I fancy (the old disorganised way), and that has to be a good idea right? And it is not intended I believe to be Sewing TO the Plan.
I am sure a few of us have hit obstacles, a pattern we liked online is unavailable, fabric yardage turns out to be too little to make what we planned and we can't get any more, we make something up for the plan and somehow it doesn't look quite how we hoped or imagined it would do and we have to find something else. Stuff doesn't match how we thought, necklines don't work together and etc etc.

One of my items was a cap sleeve top and in the cool winter weather I decided to change it to having long sleeves. I am still very unsure about my original first item - the teal crinkle gore skirt - why wear an item that makes me look like i gained all the weight back again?

Anyway I concluded that I am not going to beat myself up over this and as long as my final wardrobe satisfies all the rules and has many of the original components then I reckon that's OK. As sewers we can sometimes be too hard on ourselves, striving for perfection when sometimes, really a lot better than good enough is perfectly OK.
I'm trying to regain the joy of the possibilities of the patterns, the feel of the different fabrics, that moment when I try something on and it fits me better than any RTW - those moments are worth it and are why I sew.

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