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Saturday, 31 January 2009

What next?

I am honestly not quite sure what to sew next, and so I downloaded some of my CDs to my ipod and had a think.
This has not produced any decision, but at least there is more music on the ipod :-)

I would quite like to sew Burda 8407 skirt in a pinstripe fabric but I can't find it. And I'm not prepared to buy it again.
I have three Hotpatterns - they recommend a muslin first though - so maybe I pick one of them and have a go.
Or I could try to replicate a very flattering RTW knit top for my SWAP.

Maybe I'll make some phone calls and pair socks whilst watching TV.....

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Rhoto said...

"...at least there is more music on the ipod :-)"
I'm IMPRESSED!! I can't figure out my iPod at all ;( Now it's playing "songs under water"...
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)