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Saturday, 24 January 2009

'Shirtmaking' Arrived

Well I am happy to say that the copy of 'Shirtmaking' I ordered on Wednesday evening arrived this morning in immaculate condition.
Bought from Hay-On-Wye Booksellers. Very happy customer!
Its mostly orientated to men's shirts which I suppose is fair enough, but as I am barely a B cup a lot of the drafting stuff would probably work for me too.
For some reason he doesn't like darts (or I guess princess seams), but there are some vintage inspired women's shirts which have some waist shaping.
I am so over the big shapeless shirt of the early 90s, but I not yet managed to sew a fitted blouse which actually fits me.
Anyway I think I will get the most out of this book in terms of small details - interesting cuffs etc.
But we will see. The DVD which goes with the book is also on order but I think has to come form the US so might take weeks.
Sewing ladies in the US often recommend looking in the library for sewing books but I have never seen any worth having in the libraries in the UK, so I read a few reviews and then go ahead and order the books online. I have built quite a nice library of style/colour/sewing books now and often reference them.

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Ann said...

Ruthie, I have also looked in our Canadian libraries for books on sewing and they are so old and outdated. The best ones they have I have in my sewing library. Like you, I buy second hand of the Internet. I got DCP's Shirtmaking in excellent condition from a lady who bought it and put it on her self never to open it. I also got 3 other books from another lady in very similar condition.