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Monday, 10 August 2009

Happy accident

I wasn't really in a sewing mood this evening after having had my hair trimmed so I decided to sort some of the small 'Misc' boxes I had about the place, mostly from the sewing room.

Among various projects I found the front of the wrap dress, which also helpfully included the instructions. So at least I know what they planned to have you do even if I don't choose to do it!

It answers two questions
1. How is the front V neck finished?
A. Using purchased woven bias binding on wrong side (YUK!)
2. Where are the ties attached and is there that annoying hole in a side seam?
A. This is a true wrap dress with the ties being on the corners of each wrap section and a hole in the right side for the tie to pass through. (Not sure if I dislike this approach or not, though since I have sewn up the side seams already....)

Anyway perhaps more progress on this tomorrow, energy levels permitting.

1 comment:

Jenni said...

Hurrah for happy accidents. I love it when something like that happens. Though it sounds like you won't be following the directions after all. :)