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Monday, 10 October 2011

Fabric Items: ideas please

The local church I attend has a community centre. It opened recently, but there are ongoing fundraising events for it. Two ladies I know make bead jewellery which they sell, and I've offered to add simple fabric based items to their stock.

I want to sew from stash, so as to keep the costs down, though obviously I also need to bear in mind the attractiveness of the finished objects so they will sell.

I've had a few ideas of things but am open to more suggestions.

reusable fabric bags
felt Christmas decorations
pencil cases
makeup bags

I have quite a lot of cushion stuffing, which would lend itself to non standard shape cushions, though nothing is really coming to me - maybe heart shaped red cushions and gold star cushions?

I have remnants of fairly traditional home dec fabrics and a linen sample book etc.

Anything you can suggest?


Hen said...

Those are all good ideas. How about oven mitts to match the apron? Do you have nice fabric for shawls? I guess many people who visit the fundraising events want to buy presents. So consider making something for children, such as bibs. Or toys, you can use the cushion stuffing. And, one can never have too many bags of all types.

Jenni said...

What about little coin purses? I have a pattern I can loan you for nesting tube shaped bags, I've given them to children as pencil cases or similar and kids love the bag inside a bag thing.
Also you could make little needlecases with felt or fabric plain inners and patterned/quilted outers. Or pin cushions (uses the stuffing). I have a pattern that consists four squares of fabric on each side (two sided) and stuffed, with a button in the middle. Also, I have a pattern for coasters which are the four squares each side but no stuffing.
Knitting needle cases are quite quick to do. However, I don't know how crafty you wanted to make the items.
All patterns available for loan. :)

Janine said...

heat bags ( with wheat inside )
placemats , fabric bookmarks
handkerchiefs , scarves. hot water bottle holders.

pdiddly said...

you could do some patchwork type items to use up the smaller bits in your stash too.

Ann said...

On my blog I have the mug rugs at
and Christmas tree napkins at http://everythingsewing.blogspot.com/2010/12/christmas-tree-napkins.html You don't have to use Christmas fabric, you can use other fabric combinations so people can have different types to choose from.
I have emailed you a couple of other pdf's for a burb pad and a teen wall organizer (for anyone)

Mr. Brad's Journalism Classes said...

U.K. style footballs. I think Burda had a pattern for that. Also I'm seconding the idea about the heat pad bags. They do need to be natural fibers, so they can be microwaved.

Mary in Thailand

Eva said...

My mother made me a heat pad shaped like a triangle, with a mouse-face and filled with spelt. You can tie the ends to have it look like a mouse, or untie it and lay it over your shoulder/neck (heated, that ist). Wonderful. Example here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_BWYGnBVz13w/SvhPMC-H1lI/AAAAAAAAETA/CWfasdH_DcA/s1600-h/Dinkelmaus.jpg or google "Dinkelmaus". Also, she made me a "snail" for my daughter when newly born, which I used a lot, for making her bed cosy, the huge inside of the pram smaller, to lay her on her side when sleeping etc. It is stuffed with poly-filling. I took off the velcro (see example) because my daughters blanket would get caught in it all the time. (see here: http://de.dawanda.com/product/10448538-die-Kuschelschnecke---fuer-100-Gelegenheiten)
Have fun sewing!