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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fabric Purchases Part 5: Preston Market

After Abakhan, Jenni and I went on to the market. This is maybe not the best way to do it if you are having a day in Preston btw as the market starts early and packs up early where the Abakhan does more 'normal' shop hours.
For the market, you want to go on a Friday and in the morning or early afternoon.
The shot above is of the 'outdoor' market which is under a large roof for some protection. The stalls here vary on different days of the week. On a Friday there are two fabric stalls, one with very cheap/poor quality fabric which I would not recommend, but I suppose would be OK for one off use costumes or something like that.
My favourite is 'Washable Fabrics' (see above, though he was already packing up) which has very nice quality fabrics, and correspondingly higher prices but is stuff you are happy to have in your stash later.
Here's what I bought on the market
Left, top to bottom, top left- warm pink poly for blouse, centre left - animal print poly for blouse, bottom left - coral pink poly for blouse.
Right, top to bottom, top right - jersey print, bottom right - navy blue 100% boiled wool.

There is also a permanent indoor market right next door. This has one fabric stall which also has pattern books, and a haby/buttons stall where I bought the two reels of coloured shirring elastic - one burnt orange, the other lime - as they are not common and I don't have these colours in stash.
It's smaller than Leeds market, but does have stalls selling lots lots of other things.

The owner of 'Washable Fabrics' also specialises in Liberty print fabrics, which he also sells online (his other fabrics are not online) through an e-bay shop. I can't quite work out which one because I think his auctions end on a Sunday and his location would be Lancashire.

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Jenni said...

It was a fabulous day and I have resolved to make up my piece of the boiled wool before Christmas. You may keep me to that promise, in fact, I hope that you will. :)