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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fabric Purchases Part 4 : Abakhan Preston

 On the Friday of my week of holiday, Jenni aka Yorkshire Lass headed over to Preston and we met up at Abakhan Fabrics. There are a few different Abakhan fabrics across the North West of England but none near either of us, hence why we make the effort for a special trip. Their main shop is a mill in Mostyn, North Wales, but that's a bit far to go now though I used to visit from the old house. They do also sell some things by mail order which I used once.
My purchases.
Back row left - orange knit and right - orange linen look cotton, these are both for next spring/summer and were on deep discount.
Middle row - all knits, some from the pieces in the remnant boxes by weight, and some cut from the roll. For knit tops.
Front row - all wool mix lightweight suitings for trousers/skirts - 2 narrow stripe, 1 broad stripe and one plain, but all black. The leftovers will make a waistcoat (or maybe even a jacket) which combines ALL the black fabrics together.
Jenni's fabrics are here if you want to see what she bought.

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Jenni said...

I'd forgotten you had got all that lovely suiting. We both did really well in Abhakan.... and I've started making my fabrics up. :)