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Monday, 17 October 2011

Fabric Purchases Part 1 : Leeds

I've done quite a bit of fabric shopping over the last 3 weeks but not shown any of it here on the blog.
I'm working through from oldest first, so starting with a trip to Leeds market.
My company has an office in Leeds which I visit occasionally, on 2 recent visits I bought the following.
The fabrics are all jerseys and all from Jacks Fabrics on the market.
The haberdashery items are from Samuel Taylor's which is a shop in a road near the market.
Also on the market there is B&M fabrics, which I have bought plain coloured jersey from in the past, and MK Fabrics who have a wool section too.
Leeds Market has LOADS of other stuff too, though I don't normally bother with them and just head for the fabric stalls.


Dixie said...

This looks like a really cool shopping venue, Ruthie. And there's more than one fabric vendor? How cool!

Jenni said...

One of the stalls has really good stretch denim for £5 a metre, if you are ever in need of some.

Lisa said...

Thanks for this post Ruth , I have never ventured to Leeds yet but as a Northerner myself I need to visit soon.