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Sunday, 16 October 2011

October Update

Remember my plans of things to be done before the end of October?
Well I have cleared the garage out and have been parking the car in it nightly for a week now.

This has a slight side effect of nine boxes of fabric and 4 bags of cushion stuffing being in the dining room, but hey the car can fit in the garage.
As to the other things, no progress whatsoever.

I have now managed to get the photos off my camera chip though, so will photograph my new fabrics, and over this coming week write up the posts about the various places I have bought fabrics.
Then I need to sew some of it becuase at the current rate I'm SABLE and only 40!


Gail D. said...

SABLE and only 40? I don't get it, Ruthie.

Gail D.

Ruthie said...

SABLE - Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy - ie I own more fabric than at my current rate I will be able to sew up into things before I die. I'm sewing slowly and just bought a LOT of fabric.

Linda T said...

congrats! I'm sure the car is happy to have it's own home now!

Dixie said...

What a nice little home you have, Ruthie. A great place to be on your own, and SABLEd. I hope you get into sewing from your stash soon!

pdiddly said...

Ruthie, if its any consolation I purchased several metres of fabric on Saturday, albeit at only £1 a metre and some more patterns that came through the post - I think I will for ever be in a state of SABLE - agree with Dixie very pretty cottage