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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Non sewing pictures

Here's a selection of my recent photographs. Its a good motivator to get out and about in the countryside. These 3 shots are taken from Arnside Knott in Lancashire.

And these at Grizedale Forest also in Lancashire

 This last one is a place called Nicky Nook (seriously!) near Grizedale Forest.
No pictures of the bit where I got lost in the rain and had to climb over a rusty fence in a farm.


Linda T said...

All beautiful, but I especially love the closeup of the big trees! Thanks for sharing.

Jenni said...

Lovely. Nicky Nook doesn't look like I imagined it would. Its not very "Nook" like.

Connie said...

Beautiful--thanks for sharing the photos.

Ruthie said...

yes for some reason Nicky Nook is the name of the hill (technically a fell I think, but still a sticky up high bit).