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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fabric Purchases Part 3: Fabrix

Fabrix is in Lancaster, and whilst away on holiday I was staying in a village just outside, so I really did need to go :-).
They also do mail order though I've never used it. The fabrics are relatively expensive, but lovely. They will send swatches out to other parts of the UK.
I did spend a lot of money here, which is easy to do especially when you start buying boiled wool, which I did.
My picture is not very good.
Back row L to R
left - Burnt orange boiled wool, centre - brown boiled wool with lime and orange felted pattern, right - dark brown sweater knit.
centre the 3 patterns I bought.
Front row
left - black brown paisley lining, centre - lime ponte (has come out too bright in the flash its a bit more olivey, right - remant of red textured fabric for a blouse.

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Jenni said...

Gorgeous fabrics. The boiled wool and the red remnant in particular. Love the pattern on the boiled wool.