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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fabric Purchases Part 6: Chesterfield

The final purchases are at Chesterfield market on a Monday lunchtime (I nipped into town from work).
 The same stall is also at Loughborough market in Leicestershire on another day of the week.
(The open air markets are on different days of the week, so the sellers often cover several towns in a week, I think 'Washable Fabrics' also does Garstang on a Thursday for example).
I bought two pieces of nice soft jersey in different prints.

After all this I shall have a break from fabric shopping and sew instead.
It may not be obvious but I have still only bought fabrics for 3 ongoing colour stories in my wardrobe.
Autumnal darks browns with lime and orange.
Black, Black and white stripes/geometrics -with red and or pink
Navy blue basics to wear with any bright.

I've not bought any teal/turquoise this time as the stash is already quite heavy with it, and the lime or red/pink/orange are more flattering to my Spring colouring skin tones.


Dixie said...

Thanks for this tour, Ruthie, and for showing us your purchases. My favorites are the pieces from Fabrix. Great colors, and wool is always a smart purchase, imo. Looking forward to seeing the garments you make from all of your new purchases!

Ann said...

I loved your tour of the different fabric purchases you made. How fun and interesting. Now I can hardly wait to see what you make out of all that fabric.