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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Collection

Here's the recent projects

Knit cardigan (not really Christmassy), fur shrug, two sparkly knit dresses and two pairs of leggings - one velvet, one denim.
Not sure you can really mix n match the pieces all that much with each other but they add to the Christmas section of the wardrobe.

Tips on sewing with faux fur.
Cut out from the wrong side in a single layer and try to just cut the backing and not the pile. This reduces the amount of fluff everywhere after you have cut out. I did do this and it helped quite a lot.
Its worth chalking around the pieces before you flip them into their new location (I did not) as this lets you see you really can fit them on before you start cutting. I didn't do this, and what I thought was the halfway fold on the fabric was not, so my back piece came out too narrow and I had to add a piece later.
Obviously faux fur is a napped fabric. I went with the fur pile going down the body. This means you have to cut all the pieces the right way up.
Once cut out do pin together and try on just to check it works. I did do this and found it helpful.
You can trim the pile from the seam allowances, though I admit I did not do that, and maybe my seams are bulkier than they might be because of this.
My jacket is lined, inserted by the machine bagged method. You need to leave a bigger than normal gap in the lining to pull the bulky fur through, mine wasn't quite large enough and I got a little tear I've had to sew up. Its under the arm though so not noticable.

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pdiddly said...

I had a similar problem with the fluff going everywhere when I cut my GD's dressing gown out.