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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Socks, SWAP and sewing

For Christmas Jenni (aka YorkshireLass) sent me some absolutely gorgeous handknitted socks. They are lovely!!! Look rainbow stripes :-) How lucky am I? (Very that is....)
I never mastered knitting and am in awe of the knitters, since I can only sew. Thank you Jenni!

SWAP has started and I'm desperate to sew. For some reason the sewing urge has manifested itself in a spurt of home dec sewing, which slightly took me by surprise. But its using up stash, and producing useful stuff so who am I to argue?
It is a little strange when the creative drive is in a different direction than the conscious brain thought it was planning, but I'm just going with it for now, though it may needing reining in if I am to complete SWAP!

So far I have made covers for 3 bean items - a cube, a large slab and a small slab. I then fancied large cushions (22") so proceded to make 4 cushion inners this size from one of my huge bags of stuffing. I now want to make covers for these cushion inners and will have then used up all of that particular piece of fabric, bar a few rectangular scraps, which I may just throw away! (We shall see).

Having hauled some of these home dec pieces through 3 moves now, I want to use them up usefully this year as much as is feasible, and get the volume down some as it poses a bit of a storage problem. Home dec and crafts which could be gifts or sold for the church community centre seem a great way to go, so I'm really pleased I have some ideas.

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Doobee64 said...

Imagine a SWAP for the home - cushions, covers, runners etc....at this time of the year I think we could all achieve our goals!!!