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Friday, 9 December 2011

Argh fur and an old project

Well the red faux fur is having mixed success tbh, but hey I will salvage it. I will explain in more detail tomorrow. Definitely a "don't do it the way I did" type project, but all a learning experience!!!
In the meantime here is a still not quite finished project from last Dec (prior to moving out form the old house) which is made from a remant of faux shearling. I was VERY creative with the layout. It just needs some fur hooks and its cold enough again to wear it, as its a super toasty little jacket.
Seems to be in the colour for 2012 - Tangerine Tango. A complete accident, it just happens to be a great colour for me.


Jenni said...

Sorry the fur isn't behaving itself for you. Fur is a bit like that I've heard. The shearling jacket is very cute and I am sure you will wear it loads.

Jen said...

That jacket looks very cozy.

Carolyn said...

That jacket is wonderful, and so very Christmassy!