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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Home Dec Sewing

Here's the three 22" cushions I made for snuggling on my slightly battered terracotta sofa.

I also recovered the big bean slab, used for feet, TV remote etc.
The bean cube tends to live in the hall for somewhere to sit when talking on the telephone or putting shoes on. The small bean slab (standing on end in front of the bean cube) can be used as a back rest for the bean cube to make it more chair like.

I made the inserts for the cushions on the sofa yesterday evening as I didn't have anything large enough to hand. The bean cube and small bean slab are also homemade (from a long expired beanbag) but some time ago, but did need new covers.

I don't have much fabric left over but will cover a little lumbar cushion to match, and see what scraps still remain after that!
After that I will probably make a knit top or two whilst the cream thread is on the machines.
And then after that, it will be SWAP time :-)


shams said...

What a cozy nook, Ruthie!

sdBev said...

A very inviting living room!

pdiddly said...

Looks great Ruthie.

Happy New Year.