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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Skirt

Ages ago I cut a skirt out for the Christmas Collection. The fabric is black babycord embroidered with red and gold thread with a few red sequins. Its festive without being over the top (I hope).

After I cut it out I just kept avoiding it, since I know I have to do something with the sequins in the seam allowances and that seemed like a big job. Anyway Jenni (YorkshireLass of SewYLD) suggested I snip each sequin twice without cutting the embroidery thread and remove the pieces. So today I started to do just that. It was hard going, very tedious, but I am more than halfway done.

I used a tape measure which is 1.5cm (5/8ths inch) wide and laid it on the edge of the fabric pieces right side up. Any sequins partially or wholly covered by the tape then got removed. I still have to do the outer waistband pieces, and several edges of the front skirt. And depending on where I hem the skirt I may have to take some more off the lower skirt pieces.

Other than this skirt the only other planned piece for the Christmas Collection was the gold wrap blouse. I previously made a child's party dress from this fabric, so will have to confirm there is enough fabric left to actually cut out the blouse. If I get fed up of sequins that might be what I do next.

Updated to add - I cut the sequins with scissors - they need to be sharp and fairly pointed and  not shears or embroidery scissors but some sort of craft ones as if you do this a lot I am sure it will dull the blades. This works OK becuase the sequins are some sort of foil plastic not metal and so can be cut OK with scissors.
I cut each one on the opposite sides and then used a blunt seam ripper to pull the cut sections out from the embroidery thread. This worked really well.


Lisa said...

That is a great idea about snipping the actual sequin rather than the thread . I have a sequined chiffon and I have been mulling it over and over !!

Towanda said...

Thanks for the idea about the sequins. I have a knit that I need to sew and your technique would be perfect.

Jenni said...

This is going to be gorgeous when you are done with the preparation work. I know its tedious, but I am certain its going to be worth it (if you don't drown in a sea of sequins first of course)

sdBev said...

Wow that is neat!!!! I take it the sequins didn't break when you smashed them with the pliers. Um.. that's not a good description. You grab the sequins with a pair of pliers and grip the handles really tight. The sequin, in most cases will shatter. But, sequins do not always cooperate. Was that what happned to you?