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Monday, 28 December 2009

A little bit of sale shopping

'Soon' at Matalan (a budget retailer) has some styles I liked so I went down whilst the sales were on and purchased these items. Plus two printed long sleeved tees (one orange, one green) and a plain sage cardigan.
I didn't bother with any bottoms becuase I know from the past that they don't cut their garments for my hip to waist ratio. The red bag is to replace my current red bag which has split on the handles.

I don't normally wear roll neck tops like this, but its a soft cotton and I thought was worth a try for the very cold days, or for days when your throat is sore. Of course I shall wear it with a massive necklace!


Myrna said...

LOVE the green one especially and what a nice bag.

- Myrna

Rhoto said...

"Roll neck tops" a/k/a "turtlenecks" are very comfy, eh!! MY personal problem: even a MOCK turtleneck buckles over... I've NO neck to put in it!! Tee! Hee!!
Nice purchases... Enjoy!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Jenni said...

All are gorgeous, the bag is particularly so and I do like that roll neck top (now there is a surprise hey?)