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Friday, 4 December 2009

I decided to start with RED

Well I decided to start with red for the Christmas wardrobe and so this evening I have cut out the red print in the kimono sleeve pattern and the red slinky in the plain scoop neck pattern.
Then I sewed up the red slinky and its apparent it is too big. Recently when I have made a size 16 top its come out too large on several occasions, so I think I am probably slimmer on the upper half than I think I am (sigh).

Anyway tomorrow I shall cut the sleeves off make the shoulder seams a bit shorter, reinsert the sleeves and recut the side seams to fit better.

Yorkshire Lass suggested I make a satin backed rectangular stole with my red fur and wear it with a brooch this Christmas which would allow me to wear like that or unpick and restitch into something else another time.
That is an excellent idea, and so that is what I shall do.

My lovely Janome sewing machine is making wierd noises so I am going to have to switch to my much less lovely Toyota sewing machine and take the Janome to Chester for servicing/repair. I shall miss it so lets hope the repair people only keep it for a week


gwensews said...

Knits are tricky to fit. I size up or down depending on the stretch factor. Pretty red. Like Tim says, "make it work".

marysews said...

I suggest pivot and slide, the method found in many Nancy Zieman fitting books. It accounts for your shoulders being a smaller size than your chest.

Jenni said...

Oh how annoying. Its so difficult to accurately decide how the stretch and drape of knits will make them behave. However, once you have re-made it you will have a lovely top that will be perfect for the festive season. The red is a scrumptious shade, and looks really rich.