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Saturday, 12 December 2009

SWAP 2010 Preparation

SWAP 2010 Preparation

Crisis time. I suddenly had a wibble over the colour scheme I have chosen( brown/orange/cream) , that its too Autumnal and whilst flattering to my colouring, not appealing in terms of a contest which finishes in the Spinrgtime.

I was reading the Pantone reports

Pantone fashion color report Fall 2009

Splashes of sunshine for spring 2010
And none of my colours are on that Spring/Summer report.

Does it matter whether I follow the Pantone colours? On the one hand I guess not, if I want to go designing a collection with my own approach then that's my call.
But I do like to look relatively competmporary, and there is always the danger of sewing something so out of the current flow that I look a little odd.

I am not excited by the Pantone colours this year as much as I have been in the past, though it does remind me of a store display I saw one time which was khaki teamed with red in various combos which struck me as an exciting way to contrast the colours.
My colouring is Clear Spring - Warm undertone and contrasting as I have dark hair. So to make a dull colour like Khaki (Ok the Pantone colour is 'Dried Herb') work then I need the 'Pow' of a colour like a strong red.

The stash does actually contain quite a lot of Khaki, and whilst its not in my palette I think I could make it work if I contrasted it with the red.
The stash is short on red, and the few pieces I do have are being sewn up as part of my Christmas Collection in progress at the moment.


Jenni said...

If you are going to change to khaki then the red accent does sound like it would give a hit of colour. Are there any other colours besides red that you feel would give a hit and allow you to mix and match with existing items too?
Its no good, you will just have to force yourself to shop for more fabric, evidently your stash has let you down this time. (grins evilly).

Myrna said...

Short of the purple in fall 2009, there's not much in either the fall or the spring that calls out to me. My vote is go with what YOU love. At least, that's the path I'm going to take with my SWAP and I'm hoping that what I love is in my stash. It'd be nice to sew some of that up and make room for "next year".

Along with the khaki and red, what about purple and black?

- Myrna