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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Cosy addiction

I am completely addicted to those cosy cardi wrap thingies. I have made 2 now, though the fabric for the second was much better weight and drape. I really like them both as cardis, but also to have the option of a matching (long sleeved) top to wear underneath really allows them to shine. And I love the fact that its a modern twist on the classic twinset.
However I am not sure if they will be a long lived fashion, or indeed morph into a modern classic, so I am going to sew a few and enjoy them now whilst the silhouette is current. When I wore my black and gold set two female colleagues commented that they had seen the style in several shops and that it was very current (a rare thing for me lol!). The other plus is that if the knit does not fray you don't even have to finish the edges making them super quick projects which massively appeals to me when I want a quick project.

I was in my fabric cupboard yesterday (I am sure other sewers will understand that, you know you open it to have a look, to put something away or just to cheer yourself up) and I noticed an animal print poly I bought, planning to make a dress but discoverd it was semi sheer and I was not sure how it would drape BUT I realised it could be great for a cosy and that if the body was double layered could work also for the underlayer top.

It may well be too much for the SWAP if I have two cosy sets - one red-orange and one brown animal print, but I bet I would wear them so shall make them anyway as they won't take long.

I have pretty much run out of charcoal interfacing so will have to purchase some. I like to have the really lightweight one with little blobs of iron activated adhesive rather than the all over adhesive. I find it works on almost everything I usually sew.

This evening I wrote Christmas cards and wrapped and packaged Christmas presents to post which was fun (and very necessary), but did not allow for any sewing at all :-(
Maybe I can sneak some in tomorrow evening.


Sharon said...

This is great to hear, I am contemplating a cosy cardi.

I don't think it is too much for your SWAP. Can the black one be worn over your proposed animal print?

RuthieK said...

Sharon, becuase the black one is marled with charcoal and then has little shimmer flecks of gold I think it would be too much with a black/brown/tan/ivory animal print - the colours and textures would fight a bit I would think.

sdBev said...


Don't forget that somethings can become your "signature". If you really like the cozies, you can incorporate them into your life.

Sewfast said...

I love the cozy too. I have 2 made and 2 more cut out. Jalie is coming out with their version of the cozy...a little more tailored...I may have to get that one too. It's a very versatile piece...I say go for it!

Rhoto said...

Looking forward to seeing the "animal" project, especially!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal, who is "animal addicted" ;)