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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Pulled in different directions

Having two possible plans for the SWAP has now left me pulled in opposite directions. Am I my one worst enemy? I feel like my head might explode.
On the one side the 'Botanical Gardens' SWAP leapt almost fully formed into being only the other day, and I have all the fabrics for it and it would work in with other pieces in my wardrobe. BUT, but, but that's not what I had planned at all. This week between Christmas and New Year was for making a start on the brown/orange/ivory SWAP not completely changing my mind and starting something else.

Something about the 'Botanical Gardens' SWAP makes it new and fresh, and since I do have all the fabrics already I could just get sewing on that.

Sewing is a hobby, as well as a way to fill my wardrobe. So it should be fun right? And therefore I should sew the thing that piques my interest now, as that will give me max sewing fun. And yet the whole point of SWAP is the discipline of making co-ordinating pieces and not just sewing whatever you fancy willy-nilly.

I shall list out my options here and then go have some lunch....

1 - add cuffs to ivory cowl neck as the turnover finish is not working and there is a bit of spare fabric - a definite as this was bugging me yesterday when wearing, and better to fix it now.

then its time to change thread on the machines for the next grouping. I have 3 ways I could go for this
a) - orange for the top and cosy for SWAP #1
b) - olive for the trousers for SWAP #2
c) - pink for the tops for SWAP #2

None of the garments are cut out yet. The plus for option a) is that I know the patterns and can just cut and sew. The plus for b) is that I actually need some of the trousers to work with other things and if made would start wearing them straight away. However I have not finalised the patterns for them all yet, or found the lining for the wool trousers. Also one of the fabrics has a subtle self check and will need pattern matching which has to be done in good light and with my brain available.
c) Although the pink would be FUN, I don't urgently need pink things in the wardrobe at the moment, and they are to give pep to the olive items, which are not yet sewn.

Back after lunch with a decision.
Well I decided to go with the orange, so after putting cuffs on the ivory top I cut out the orange cardi-wrap, a HotPatterns cowl neck top and most of the scoop neck top for the cardi-wrap pattern all from the orange. I have mislaid the neckband pattern pieces for the scoop neck top though so hope I can find them and then get them out of the scraps of the orange fabric. I have already made a wrap top (SWAP 2008 - needs altering as too large) and a knot front top in this fabric. I thought it was OK though as long as I kept all the necklines different. Though 5 tops out of the exact same fabric is perhaps slightly over the top, so I guess I won't go back and see if the shop has any left still.

Facings found! Also cut out all the fabric facing pieces, so a bit of fusing, thread up the machines with orange and I shall be good to go this evening.

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Jenni said...

If the orange that you are working on will play with the olive that you are wanting to work on for SWAP two, can you not do the olive next. You say you will wear that immediately and if it works with these orange items, you are creating a capsule that works across both SWAP's, tying them together. If you can see it in terms of two circles, overlapped, there will be some common elements that work in the little elipse in the middle of the two. They go into both and tie some, but not all, of the two SWAPs together. Thus, you aren't really doing two different swaps, you are doing two interlocking ones which will make them both more versatile.
Agree that pink comes later as you admit its not a colour you need right now. It will be a nice colour to work with on a day when spring looks like its on its way.