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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas Skirt

Well I am nearly out of time on the last two items from the Christmas Collection. I've just tacked the side seams on the skirt and tried it on, it comes almost to my ankles and is HUGE on the hips, but fits nicely on the waist. So a bit of taking in and shortening coming up, which of course means removing some more sequins (sigh).

Meanwhile the gold blouse is still in flat fabric form though I am pleased to say I have just found the pattern, so I suppose it has a (slim) chance of getting made before Christmas.


Jenni said...

That skirt is gorgeous. The pattern of the embroidery is more linear than I had thought and it looks really good. Sorry about having to remove more sequins though. That is a bit of a pain.

Michelle said...

Wow, that fabric is spectacular! Sorry that you have to alter it and remove more sequins, but it is so eye-catching I'm sure it will be worth it. Beautiful!

gwensews said...

Patience will prevail! Tweak and wear!

sdBev said...

Ruthie, That skirt is gorgeous. Are you sure it needs alterations? Have your DH take pictures. You may feel differently when you see it on you.

Anonymous said...

The fabric for the skirt is lovely.Do you remember where you got it as I'd love a yard for myself?
Happy sewing and keep up the inspiration.