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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

SWAP thoughts

Well although I have a lot of ideas in my notebook for SWAP 2010, I have not started cutting out yet, even though we are allowed to do that before we start on 26th December.
I think it is a mental switch for me - that SWAP does not start until after Christmas, and currently my energies are (slightly belatedly) focused around Christmas, not only my special occasion clothes but also gifts, cards, arranging to see people, meals out with work and all that stuff.

I am very comfortable with my colour scheme, general shapes and even some of my patterns, but am definitely still in that planning stage and things have not entirely crystallised.

Project Runway Series 6 just concluded showing on Sky1 in the UK today, and those final collections had me thinking about what is really me. Sure I am not a designer, but I definitely can show my point of view in the fabrics and styles that I choose when I sew.
I've also been analysing just a little the highlights and work horses of my previous SWAPs and other wardrobe type collections I have sewn.

I want to take into account the lifestyle I have, my colouring, the styles I find comfortable and within all that incorporate the three twists the rules contain this year.
In fact this year I wanted to do something interesting (though not necessarily too overt) in every piece.
I can churn out basic pants and knit tops which fit me quite well at a fair rate, so I suppose my personal challenge is not too rely too much on those super simple basics, but instead push myself just a little further this year.

I suppose in it all though I do have to still be me, which IS quite simple and basic - in a phrase 'Free Spirit Chic' - nothing constricting, fussy or frilly but whilst avoiding being boring.


Rhoto said...

"Sure I am not a designer, but I definitely can show my point of view in the fabrics and styles that I choose when I sew."
Ruthie, you ARE a designer when you pick your own fabrics & styles!! You/we make "originals", eh ;)
Looking forward to seeing your new creations!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Ann said...

Ruthie, you are a designer as you have your TNT patterns and can sew them to suit your body shape and personality. And if you and I sewed the same pattern, it would different as we have different styles of sewing and personalities. So we design to suit ourselves.
I haven't watched Project Runway for 3 years (or 4) as I didn't like a lot of things about the show. I did watch the Canadian version and liked Laura that year but none of their styles are me. Either too flamboyant or too ???? as I couldn't figure it out. Instead I watch sewing videos on YouTube. However we get our inspiration is okay.