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Saturday, 19 December 2009

My SWAP Collection 2010

I was back on the East website because I just can't keep away. It costs nothing to look, and the silhouettes and styles are very me there. (Interestingly when I tried some clothes on in person the fit was not good, so inspiration time only!)
On the site at the moment they have a collection called Orchard Walk which has some of the vibe and colour relation to my planned SWAP, though I had not planned any green, instead adding a little gold and ivory for freshness as mine is a Spring collection and there's an Autumn one.
It will be interesting to see after Christmas when they come out with their Spring clothing what styles and shapes there are.

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Jenni said...

Ruth, I can totally see you in some of those garments. I particularly liked the colour and shape of the brownish red tweed cardigan and the green pointelle knit top. The dark, muted lime looked as though it would be a lovely colour on you (if my monitor is accurate). I still like the skirts with low flare for you also.