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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Red cardigan refashion

When I have the machines threaded up I like to add in a project where I recut an old garment to make something more flattering or just better fitting. Today I chose to take this old cardigan and completely recut it into a shorter princess seamed jacket with collar which I think has worked quite well.
I think I shall sew a large press-stud (snap) on tomorrow and add a button on the top and try wearing it for real to see how it works. I used Simplicity 4029, some satin bias tape and the leftovers to create the new cardi which I really like.

I think I need to add some tape into the shoulder seam as its stretching all over the place and it could take a press but overall I like the idea.

From this

to this

using this


BetsyV said...


GREAT job reworking that cardigan! I love the refashion of this garment.

velosewer said...

Great idea. If the colour works for you then reworking it is a fabulous idea. Tape on the shoulder seams always keeps my knit garments intact. Love your work.

JenSA said...

Great idea, the new jacket is much more flattering.

Allison said...

Wow! That sure worked well! I really like the look of the refashioned cardigan. It has a lot of flare and is much more interesting than the original. Good for you for having the eye and the skill to do this.