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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ivory Stripe Shell blouse

This Ivory woven top is another round necked top from the dartless tee blouse block. It has long sleeves, a bias bound neckline and a la centre back seam to accommodate my forward head, rounded back and sway back.
The stripes are woven bands in the fabric, and the wider sections in between are slightly crinkled. The bands have no give whatsoever so I went for a skimming fit, which looks quite nice on the body but appears rather short and wide when laid out on the carpet and photographed.
There will eventually be pictures of me wearing it, sometime in May!

As ever with simple pieces like this, I hope it will become a staple in the wardrobe as the simple style should work with lots of other things.

This is the seventh item in the verdigris SWAP 2014.


L said...

You're making good progress on your SWAP. WTG Ruthie!

Jenni said...

Looks great. Another very wearable piece and beautifully finished. Enjoy wearing it.