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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Ripping and resewing

OK, so I ripped everything except the darts and zipper, and resewed with a 3/8" seam instead of a 5/8" and now I can sit although they are still not the best look ever.
I guess they are truly slim leg pants which is something which doesn't seem to be great on me :-(

The front crotch is definitely too long also. I trimmed 1 1/4inches off the front tapering to nothing at the centre back and its looking and feeling better.

The print knit top came out great, but I've used that pattern before so I know about the fit, I also used the 16 which came out nice which is one thing to be pleased about.
I tried on both the almost finished skirt and the pants with the top and bead jewellery and it looks pretty good.

I am going to make an ivory wrap blouse for my fourth garment as I think that will give a different look altogether and I can imagine it all working out now - the end is in sight :-)

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