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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Current lack of sewing progress

well I have changed jobs at the company were I work and the new job is interesting but I'm working more hours and travelling, plus the house is on the market so the sewing room has to look more like a bedroom - which somewhat hampers sewing progress.

I am still just a few pounds above my WW goal weight, so have had a BIG clear out of too large clothes.
I kept some stuff to be altered/recut but still managed to get rid of 4 bin bags full.
I am trying to be a little more selective when buying/sewing new things and I'm using a more restricted palette of colours.

So not got a lot of sewing ongoing at the moment to share really.

Shopping RTW a bit more has shown up that I still have most of the same fit issues that i did when I was bigger, in fact some of them are more apparent now I am slightly less padded.

My shoulders/upper back/upper chest are quite broad, and my upper arms fleshy, this is a limiting factor with jackets/blouses etc. Tailored blouses in particular just are not the shape I am. The size which fits my shoulder/back and arms is loose below the bust. The bust darts are too low - and I have less bust than they expect for my size.

Skirt and straight leg pants - if they fit on the hips are quite loose on the waist. This varies depending on the brand, but is pretty much always a problem. Wide leg pants allow extra space in the hips/thighs in the cut of the pant, so I can go down a size and the waist almost fits (not quite but much closer).

So I've been buying knits in cotton or viscose, wider leg pants, fitted jackets and flared skirts. Oh and of course accessories like shoes, scarves and costume jewellery!

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