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Saturday, 27 September 2008

BMI - still overweight

Well I am still at Weight Watchers and still theoretically overweight. I have about 5lbs to lose to get into the top end of the BMI's recommended weight for my height.
That does seem quite harsh as I don't exactly look fat anymore.
I think there should be another indicator which also takes into account the 'sturdiness' of a person - measuring something like the width between shoulder blades or hip bones maybe to tell you the scale of a person's bones. Obviously it has to be something which doesn't alter when you put weight on.

Clothing size wise I am all over the place. I am mostly buying a UK size 14 in RTW, but sometimes in trousers and skirts I am a 12 or even a 10 - vanity sizing I am convinced! I have some knit tops though in a 16, to get the shoulders in and also to allow for the sweater to not be super skin tight.

I went into Outfit at lunchtime the other day, this has several different high street stores in one large shop. I tend to wander through them all as they have a different 'vibe' in each section. I looked at the Evans (plus size) stuff only briefly as their smallest size is a very generously sized 14 which drowns me - a good problem I suppose :-)


Patricia said...

I have read several things which suggest that the BMI scale is not a good measure of how fit or fat a person is.
A measure that works for me is 100 pounds for five feet and 3-6 pounds/inch after that depending on your frame for a healthy weight.

Patricia said...

ps- I think you look great