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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Simple quilts?

I have quite a lot of fabric scraps, cotton fabrics which could be made into something like a quilt.
I'm not a quilter though, so don't want to do anything really complex.

I like the idea of a simple quilt, or a duvet cover for a single bed sized duvet.
Shopping bags and drawstring bags also appeal.
Any good links?


sewing spots said...

Hi--Our local sewing guild tends to have LOTS of small projects that are quilting types. I hate quilting, but I admit that the quick and easy aspect of some of these is a plus. Anyway, one pattern that I love is a Humbug Bag (http://quiltwoman.com/humbug-bag-pattern.aspx). I made a lot of these for gifts the Christmas before last--26 sets in fact (times 3!) using home dec fabric. Mini Bow Tucks Bags are very popular hand bags in our guild. Both are good ways to use cottons and do a small bit of quilting! Hope that helps.

Peggy L said...

Ruthie - there are several books out for quilts using fat quarters - Turning Twenty, Turning Twenty Again. I made one of those and it was super easy. Another pattern that is really popular (and easy) is the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atchinson. These can all be made "scrappy:. I just started working at a local quilt store two days a week:)