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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Jacket A Month

There's an idea out on Stitcher's Guild about sewing 12 jackets throughout 2011, its called 'Jacket A Month'. Its a great idea. I made one in January but have not put fastenings on it yet. And I made a throw into a cardigan a bit more recently. I'm thinking hard, but that does seem to be it. I am well behind since its October now and I can't see me making 10 jackets in less than 3 months, but hey you never know.
The Material Lady has a nice blog post about this dilemma.
My plans include several tasteful cardigan style jackets, but nothing too complicated. Remind me to put pockets in the darn things though as the pocketless women's suit is a thing out great frustration to me.
I have an astonishing amount of sewing planned BEFORE SWAP which includes 2 entire collections for me and a raft of fabric bags and dinky felt Christmas decorations to sell to raise funds for the church community centre. I work full time, my deputy is taking multiple weeks off in November and going to Australia (argh argh) and I have a bit of a social life now. I might have to give up TV or something to have time to sew. I'm definitely going to have to give up wine during the week, once I've had my dinner and my glass of wine, sofa&TV wins over sewing room, which is fine for chilling but no good for sewing.
Anyway here are my good intentions and you may call me on them.....
Before end of October (and to the U2 soundtrack...)
to have made two pairs of navy walking trousers and one pair of navy waterproof trousers
(This is so I can do some walking during the winter)
to have made at least one sample fabric bag and at least one Christmas decoration to show to the lady who sells crafts for the community centre.
to have cleared the garage enough to put the car away in it over the winter.
to have rotated my linen summer clothes and summer sandals into the hall cupboard.
Other stuff would be a plus, but with work and other committments that's probably enough for now.


Ann said...

Ruthie, I got 3 jackets made this year with no intentions of making any more. I will be finished with client sewing soon and then it will be sewing for Christmas and us. And I need to scrub and paint the sewing room. But I am so looking forward to that.
Post your fabric bags and Xmas ornaments for us to see and admire.

gwensews said...

I am way behind in the JAM, too. I'm not good at sewing in time crunches. Good luck to you!

Dixie said...

All worthy goals, Ruthie, and definitely achievable. I know you can do it! Looking forward to seeing your finished pants, bags, and all.