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Thursday, 21 February 2013

SWAP thoughts (updated)

So I'm thinking about taking this jacket, and basing the SWAP around it.
I need to have a bit of a think how that's going to work. Its perhaps a little hard to see but this is a navy/grey/white herringbone wool jacket with a light blue lining. I think the jacket would work well with both more tailored and more casual items in the SWAP collection, and by changing round the accessories a bit change the tone, brown leather for casual, but black leather for smart. It is a slightly longer length though so not sure how that would work with the dress or skirts. It was great with navy trousers and blue and white striped shirt today.
Updated to add here it is popped into the SWAP, with the navy skirt removed and the red skirt reinstated, and I'm not feeling the love. Much as I love the jacket, it really does only seem to work with pants.


Jenni said...

Hmm, I'm not sure I am feeling the love either but perhaps if you had a trying on session with skirts of different shapes you might find a style that worked and could consider making a skirt in that style rather than the planned style?

SewRuthie said...

Well I think if I see what it looks like with the dress it'll give me the answer, but I'm sure I recalled form past sessions with two other similar jackets that trousers or a long straight skirt are the only way to go, and as such its not a very flexible item in the wardrobe.

Chris Lucas said...

Maybe it needs a little more splash of colours around it...perhaps some florals will give it a boost?

Anonymous said...

IMO it's too long to wear with skirts, unless you wear long skirts. It's also seemingly very boxy. I'd try a shorter jacket with a waist seam. Just my opinion.