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Sunday, 19 May 2013

RTW musings

SWAP should get posted on Ann Rowley's Flickr Stream tomorrow, so I am trying to be patient until then.

Yesterday I did a bit of snoop shopping and had two main conclusions.

1. Lace/crochet look etc
There were lots of lace tops in multiple shops. So this looks like a good time to dig out my stretch lace, burnout knit and etc and make myself a few nice tops.
2. Buy a new suit (maybe)
I really like this suit from Next, and plan to try it on see what the fit is like. I like the Neutral (Taupe colour). My favourite work suits are old ones from Next, but it may be the cut has changed a bit, so I would have to try on and see.

That's all for now.
Updated to add that I tried the suit on in black at lucnhtime and the fit was not good. I did not buy it!!!! Maybe this is why we sew?

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