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Monday, 4 August 2014

Monday Market Man

There is a lovely man who runs a fabric-for-clothing stall on the local market, but only on a Monday.
About a 1/4 of his double sized stall is knit fabrics, which is quite a lot of choice.
The knits are all £2.99 a metre, so its always worth a look. Today I managed to get out at lunchtime on a Monday and go to see him. All the wonderful leopard print jersey was gone but I did manage to get two nice fabrics.
On the left is 3.2m of black ponte, with only a little stretch, and on the right is 1.2m of a linen mix knit, with pretty coloured stripes, which will hopefully make a nice top. The background is a heathered ivory, so I think as a weekend top to wear with jeans it will be really great.
I have been wearing quite a few of my new knit tops, though the turquoise angled top and the crazy flag print are still waiting for an outing, I think all the others have been worn at least once, with the swirly print one playing out twice, once with jeans and the other time with the white trousers.

I had better do a bit more packing for when the move date gets confirmed.

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Jenni said...

Very nice fabrics. I expect the linen knit will be nide and cool to wear.