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Friday, 3 October 2014

Feira Dos Tecidos, Funchal, Madeira

We took a holiday in the Portuguese island of Madeira recently, and I was pleased to find the fabric shop Feira Dos Tecidos open (I had seen it in Lisbon at Easter but it was closed).
When the shop is open they pull large remant bins out onto the street to tempt shoppers. The remnants are sold by the piece or by weight. The store also has lots of rolls of fabric and a home dec section.
Whilst I had a good look at everything, I actually bought 3 pieces of printed sweater knit from the Euro 3.95 a piece remnant boxes.
This abstract print is black, dark brown, taupe, teal and ivory. 1.25m x 150cm wide.3.95E

This floral has black, dark grey, light grey, dark brown, rusty brown, camel and ivory. Also 1.25m x 150cm wide. 3.95E

This wonderful animal print has black, grey, brown, camel and ivory but is only 0.9m x 150cm. I loved it so much that I bought it anyway and will be creative when cutting out.

All 3 fabrics work well with existing pairs of purchased wool trousers - one camel, one dark brown. The second two also work with black basics and some wool mix charcoal trousers.
DBF was not impressed by how long I was gone (45 mins) as he couldn't imagine I could be in the shop all that time and was worried I'd got lost. He also didn't seem too wowed with brown based sweater knit fabric, so I have promised its Autumn/Winter wear for work!


kbenco said...

I adore remnant bins. It looks like you've been very successful with your souvenir fabric.
In my opinion, there should be a coffee/bike/hiking/or other male interest shop located next to every fabric shop. This would save a lot of angst ;).

Cherie said...

Lovely fabric! DBF certainly has a lot to learn about a sewist!!!

Juliet said...

I read that luxury sweatshirts are "still" very current and I'm sure theses fabrics could be used to make several! Much too casual for work attire but very nice weekend wear. I like fabric 1 especially.

Jenni said...

very nice fabrics. I do not really think 45 minutes in a fabric store is all that long.... but am sure he will learn this. :)