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Monday, 25 May 2015

Next collection: red?

I've been thinking about what I would like for my next collection and I am currently very inspired to sew up some red pieces.
I want to use some classic red ponte knit, some red linen, the new red sweater knit I bought last week and some other fabrics for Tshirts etc.

I would only wear two red/red print items together adding in a third more neutral colour (navy, black, white) so although this is The Red Collection, the pieces will get mixed into my wardrobe when worn.

Last summer I made lots of tops to go with white trousers, and three of them contain red, so would work in with my new colour scheme.
Always nice to have a head start don't you think?


Cherie said...

A red collection would look great on you, esp with your basic colors. I kinda think red is actually a basic color!

L said...

I was thinking of adding some red pieces to my wardrobe later this fall. One can never go wrong with red!