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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rainbow thread drawers

I bought a second hand white melamine desk. It has some damage but is basically sound. It is slightly deeper, taller and wider than the previous small childs desk I had for extra machines in the sewing room. The previous desk has now moved down to the conservatory (my location for mismatched furniture, some of which then gets donated/given to friends). The drawers of the desk is my main storage area for thread. As I have a sewing machine, overlocker (serger) and coverhem all threaded up at once when sewing knits I like to have multiple spools of thread in the same colour.
So I took some time this afternoon to watch TV, assemble some 12 section storage dividers (bought on sale and never fitting any drawers until now) and move the thread across to the new drawers.
Bobbins, embroidery thread, shirring elastic and various odd spools are stored in a wooden tray which slots into the open section above the drawers (there are multiple layers here with items in specialist boxes or shallow cardboard trays. The drawers then hold the main threads which are mostly Moon or Empress Mills, broadly sorted by colour - 1 drawer is neutrals and top stitching thread, another blues/greens and the third is pinks/purples/red/orange.
There are a few stray spools elsewhere also, but I will now be able to put them away neatly, and should be able to easily find thread for the next project.
I've not included the larger spools of overlocker thread, and I must admit I often forget to use them, so will need to come up with some sort of approach for them, perhaps using the low shelves also on the 'new' desk.


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It looks lovely Ruth. There is something about the rainbow arrangement that is so pleasing. This drawer and the lovely stained glass window post really lifted my spirits.