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Saturday, 19 August 2017

7 Steps to Style Step 6 Your Style

As mentioned previously I am working through Imogen Lamport's 7 Steps to Style.

I think of this as an online course, with Imogen as the tutor and a forum (via a private Facebook page) to talk to other course participants.
It does require quite a lot of work yourself, to use the materials and get the results.
There are downloadable materials, webinars as well as the online discussion, so multiple ways to gain and interpret the knowledge.

In Step 6 you dig a little deeper. This covers a few different areas including:-

- What message you are sending.
This looks at how to use all the things you've learned to dress appropriately for any situation to communicate the aspects you want to, so for example businesslike and professional, or more approachable and friendly. This is particularly good if you are tall and formal for example but want to appear more relaxed and casual, or you are small and quiet but want to project more authority at work.

- What elements of design you prefer.
This looks a lot at patterns, shapes, contrast, scale etc. There's a lot of content here about patterns, density, placement etc

- Wardrobe capsules and accessories capsules.
Simple ways you can build a simple wardrobe capsule and how you can choose accessories so they work together

- What you might need on your shopping list.
Having had a wardrobe clear out at Step 5 there's a desire to buy stuff. Here there is some guidance of how to work out what to have on the list so you don't just buy things randomly.

Although I've looked at all the material here and watched the webinars I've not yet put much into practice.

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