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Saturday, 12 August 2017

7 Steps to Style Step 3 Your Colours

As mentioned previously I am working through Imogen Lamport's 7 Steps to Style.

I think of this as an online course, with Imogen as the tutor and a forum (via a private Facebook page) to talk to other course participants.
It does require quite a lot of work yourself, to use the materials and get the results.
We are all individuals and this is a way to gain the self knowledge to really be yourself through how you dress.

For the colour section a series of colour cards are sent in the post. You take particular photos which are used to narrow down which of the 18 palettes in Imogen's system you might be. This can take a while as each set of cards arrives and you make time to take the photos.
I was clearly Muted (no suprise from Kate's draping) but then this was narrowed down further and I was slightly suprised to find I am cool not warm. This could be down to a few factors, either I was kidding myself and I've always been cool, or I did previously have some warmth but now I am greying (and not colouring my hair), I have lost a bit of carotene and am cool.
Either way I really like the colours and am sorting out the wardrobe.

The palette is called 'Sophisticated' and is apparently is mid way between Deep and Light, slightly more Cool than Warm, and much more towards the Soft than the Clear. If you are familiar with 12 seasons I would say its like a greyed version of Soft Summer, less pink and a bit deeper.

As I am still mostly dark haired I need to wear a medium high value contrast and as I have colours (green, pink) in my personal colouring I look better wearing one or two colours (not all neutrals).
There is then an additional charge for the palette itself, and once this is received you can do more photos to get your specific signature colours from that swatch.
You can wear all the colours from your swatch plus any more which blend.
Wearing a couple of signature colours and with my Signature colours from the swatch.


sarahlizsewstyle.blogspot.com said...

You certainly look cool to me - your skintone is very rosy/blue, as are your lips. Yoru eyes are muted, and could give the impression of warmth. Some cool, muted colourings have quite a yellow overtone but are still cool, even when younger. I'm sure you are going to enjoy these sophisticated colours.

Nursebennett said...

I must say the color you are wearing in the bottom photo makes you positively glow. I've rather longed to have a professional do my colors, as I don't believe I would do well choosing myself, as I have too much preconceived ideas about them. I think it would help me broaden my wardrobe horizons considerably. I'm very interested to see how you implement your new knowledge.

Cherie said...

Yes, for sure you "pop" in the bottom photo. That palette you are holding should work very well for you, Ruthie!