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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Stash Shrinker - 50 metre update

Back in January I decided to use the Stash Shrinker from SewJourners.

This has worked really well for me as I only need to input what I have sewn and what I have bought, no measuring of the existing stash which is large and has built up over many years.

I decided to have a go with it and downloaded the spreadsheet template to use.
Rather than just start purely in 2018, I decided I would be more honest with myself if I went back to late December where I stopped sewing gifts/charity items and started sewing for me and also bought a big batch of fabrics from a local roll end shop.

I have sewn 28 items and sewn up an amazing 52 metres of fabric which I am really happy about.
This was done btween 23rd December 2017 and 16th March 2018.

Not everything worked wonderfully, some things haven't been worn yet, others were too tight or shrank in the wash but most of the items worked out pretty well and I'm pleased with them.  
Here are 27 of the items (the 28th is not pictured, but was a test of a coat pattern which I've not yet made up in the final fabric).
As you can see I've really upped the brown section of my wardrobe which was lacking rather and is one of my two key neutrals (the other being navy).

My SWAP this year is going to contain brown and teal! With ivory probably being the 3rd colour.

I'm not quite ready to rethread the machines, as I want to make some more brown trousers and refine the fit just a little more.
I wonder what the next 50 metres is going to look like?


Unknown said...

Wow, that's amazing, Ruthie, well done you! I had a similar ambition, but appear to have fallen off the wagon a bit, oops. However all the fabric I've bought recently has almost all been sewn up already so I count that as non-stashing, hahaha! Sue

Anne said...

That's incredible! Great items. Your SWAP is going well and will look great. I think I'll try this method of cataloguing. What put me off some systems is trying to catalogue existing stash - I just haven't managed that. I'll go back to the beginning of the year. I have bought but I've also used.

Linda T said...

Good job! I have sewn around 48 yards this year so far--all has been community service sewing. Haven't had the mojo for sewing garments for myself. Hope that mojo returns soon!

Unknown said...

Nice work! Im so glad the tool has been helpful. Isn't it so satisfying to see all of your progress this year? Those makes look amazing!

Catherine said...

Those are some amazing statistics and we're only a 1/3 of the way into the year! And you have such a nice wardrobe to show for it too. Really envy watching your progress.

Ann Brodsky said...

Amazing wardrobe, and phenomenal job on the stash reduction. I'm going to try this spreadsheet idea!

Pamela Shadle-Flores said...

This is terrific, congratulations! I am so onboard with the SWAP and 6PAC idea. But I do keep falling into the random print purchase trap. I think I'll play with my swatches today and see if I can't get more intentional. Thank you for sharing!